Mysterious human sorceress out for kobold blood.


female human Sorceror 5: 27yrs ’” lbs green eyes, red hair, fair skin

HP 23; Init +2; Spd 30ft.; AC 13 (touch 13, flat-footed 11); Atk +4 melee (1d4+1, dagger) or +5 ranged (1d8, light crossbow)

F/R/W:5/4/7; S12,D14,Cn12,I12,W11,Ca17

Skills: Acrobatics +, Arcana +, Athletics +, Bluff +, Diplomacy +, Dungeoneering +, Endurance +, Heal +, History +, Insight +, Intimidate +, Nature +, Perception +, Religion +, Stealth +, Streetwise +, Thievery +.

Spells: 0/Detect Magic, Light, Magehand, Open-close, Flare, Message / 1/Mage armor, Burning hands, Shocking grasp, Magic Missile / 2/ Spectral hand, Melf’s Acid Arrow


Kobolds ate her baby, and at some point she acquired the ability to manipulate magic. She is quiet about her past, but at every opportunity seeks to take her rage out on kobolds. just over 5 feet with red hair, green eyes. She speaks common and draconic. Her dress is fairly nondescript, from a distance she appears to be a farmers wife. Up close you can see two pairs of gold hoop ear-rings. A sash with a big silver buckle, two pouches and several bulges. Her undershirt has a stash of gems sewn into the helm. On her back is a backpack with most of her gear. Hanging off her belt is a normal dagger, a silver dagger and a masterwork light crossbow, with bolts. town. She was raised by a single mother. Because her mother could not explain how she became pregnant the townsfolk were wary around her. After her mothers death Deux was shunned by the townsfolk. She then moved to a small village where she married a young farmer. He was killed in a raid by kobolds who stole their only child. Her daughter was almost a year old when she was taken. The child was starting to show signs of inheriting her mothers abilities. The result is that Deux has a vendetta against all kobolds. She will go out of her way to kill any kobolds that she hears of. could have mated with any number of beings: a dragon, demon, deity, unwittingly or unknowingly. Some potential scenarios. A demon tries to convince her to become an acolyte of the skin. A deity watches over her or tries to use her as a pawn in some great plan. This could lead to a scenario where her daughter is alive and in the hands of dark forces. She gains a bonus in dealing with dragons of fey creatures. The source of her parentage could become a quest.

The origin of her magical talent is unknown.  Her mother


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