The Crew of the Albers

The main characters aboard the ship


Huxley: First Mate. A handsome man, and in good shape. “He favors simple clothing without any ornamentation that might get in the way of his work above deck. He engages in all things, including play, with an energetic intensity.” He is well liked by the rest of the crew.

Tomas: The navigator. A young and educated man. “bespectacled and pallid due to the poor lighting in the storage room where most of his work is done.” Unsure of the Albers current whereabouts in the Nyr Dyv.

Old Pete: Crow’s nest. “Normally seen on the crow’s nest, Pete’s beard glistens with sea spray and his eyes squint from gazing towards the horizon too ling. Most often he wears a gentle smile, inviting people to come and talk for awhile.” He is often alone, though he is friendly and talkative when he is with others.

Ox: Crewman. “A big friendly deckhand who, while not very bright, can play a mean hand of cards.” “Ox is a bald, healthy-looking lug, with innocent, vacant eyes.” He carries himself in a jocular, friendly manner. He prominently displays an ornate mermaid tattoo on his upper back.” “On ship he can be found both on deck working the lines and below making hull repairs as needed.”

Wendt: Ship’s cook. “An obese, unkempt man in early middle age. His arms are riddled with tattoos and he is missing two fingers. Wendt somehow smells worse than the honest working men above. A cranky old sleaseball, running the galley with an iron hand.”

Dert: Cabin boy. “A small boy, not more than ten, with a sandy-brown mop and inquisitive eyes.” He is kept on a short leash by Wendt most of the time.

The Crew of the Albers

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