Captain Fenn

Captain of the _Albers_


“A crusty, if not eccentric, old sea dog. Notably, his left eye is missing and an ornate glass eye stares lazily out at the world.” His fine jacket and cutlass bespeak the success of his many successful cargo hauls. Merchants respect his ability to get goods shipped on time and his crew respects the fact that his ship, the Albers, has a reputation for avoiding pirate attacks. He cuts a stoic, grim figure.” -from Maiden Voyage (Penumbra)

The good Cap’n took on our PCs as hired swords. He believes that the presence of bodyguards will keep some of the big mouthed crew in line in regards to his bringing his lady, [[Selene]], aboard.

Cap’n Fenn died suddenly on the third day of the voyage, after looking very concerned and staying in his quarters the entire previous day.

Captain Fenn

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