Our Intrepid Adventurers

Return to Walthain

In which we make some strange allies.

Aoust is stripped of his possessions and ousted off ship into the Nyr Dyv along with the rest of the crew in an en masse burial a sea. It was regrettable, especially since the trip across the Nyr Dyv to Tristor was made for Aoust’s sake in the first place. (Someone will have to write to his dear Aunty.)

The Albers limps its way back to port in Walthain of Furyondy where the merchants are very happy to look after the ship and cargo until a suitable crew could be found. There is suspicion and rumor going on about the fate of the ship and crew, but since the tales of the other survivors match, mostly, Deux and Silaka are free to go. It is unfortunately noted, that Vincenz has disappeared, wanted for “butchery of children” in Furyondy, for which he was to stand trial and likely be hanged.

It is not long in the streets before Deux and Silaka are recognized and a messenger discreetly palms a note to Deux to meet in a tavern. Another man walks in, orders drinks and brings them to the table, idly chats and leaves without a drink. Deux notices that they are being watched by a woman in black, with a black cloak. Under his mug is a message to bring “it” to the old tower on the cliff outside of town. And so they leave, and are nearly there when they are ambushed by an interesting group of rogues and thugs. They handle themselves well, but are overpowered and webbed down, and Deux’s pack is cut away.

But there is an intercessor… A dwarf in splint mail (with a large axe) who doesn’t like the look the overly styled man in black with the two daggers is giving him. The rest is bloody for several members of the band, and the rogue is hounded by Silaka’s hound, Nodelkir. Deux frees herself and delivers a shocking grasp to the woman in black’s horse- which unhorses her. A few crossbow shots are exchanged and the woman disappears. The pack remains. The dwarf, by the name of Gunner, introduces himself with one of the rogues bound and manacled, dragging behind, and pleasantly suggests interrogation.



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