Our Intrepid Adventurers

The Road To Chendyl

In which our adventurers don't find Jim Morrison's grave.

And so…

Our companions once again take to the road on their way to Crockport and all of its evil. They pass through some small towns and the weather finally turns, the downpour begins and the roads become a sticky troublesome mud. Deux kicks a small coffer that has been upturned by the roadside and finds within a puzzling map to “the Tomb of the Lost Minstrel.” The destination is roughly along their route and they decide to leave it until after Crocport concerned that Misqoui the Magnificent will be cross if they are unnecessarily delayed.

Fate would have it otherwise.

Silaka brought down a deer which ran after being shot, and Nodelkir went to retrieve it, yet two hobgoblin soldiers (no doubt sewing strife and dischord in the name of Old Wicked) wanted the carcass for themselves. They were felled by Silaka from afar, the search of the bodies revealed an old road covered over by grasses and lichens, long unused, and a match to a clue on the map.

The decision was made to follow the road North, which led them through fields of old dead, and a burned village claimed by nature, and then again unto more clues of their map and the eventual destination of the hidden tomb, one of a fallen elven bard. Silaka respectfully took from the tomb the minstrel’s sword, a magical elven blade, and they closed up the tomb and continued north.

The companions learned that the blight was still at work in Furyondy, and that Iuz had learned of its existence and had sent minions to burn grain stores and attack wagons with crops.

In some time they made it to Chendyl, the magnificent architectural marvel of all of Furyondy, and it’s capitol.

They have taken supplies and rest at exorbitant cost, and rested will depart for Crockport.



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