Our Intrepid Adventurers

Murder Mystery Cruise

What kind of cruise is this? The captain is dead, and the food is terrible!

The trio has spent a rough morning following the death of Captain Fenn. They began questioning the The Crew of the Albers, starting with Selene and keeping on the good side of First Mate Huxley. But as the day wears on, suspicions grow. Everyone is on edge, and certain individuals are making themselves scarce. To make matters worse, a terribly thick fog surrounds the ship and the moon Celene is blood red in the sky and eclipsing. Fog only comes near land… and the Albers is supposed to be in the middle of the Nyr Dyv.

Thomas the ship’s navigator informs them that the Captain had plotted them on a new course, and he’s unsure of where they are now. Selene has been slinking about, possibly speaking with the prisoner, and keeping pretty close to Thomas.

Deux has been taking things in stride. Unconcerned about the eclipse, and on her leave sleeping the night away. She spent much of the morning questioning Selene.

Aoust finds the Cap’n’s logbook and four names circled: Ox, Wen, Thom, and Hux. And later he finds Dert the cabin boy bringing food to Thomas… or maybe the prisoner. But there’s something suspicious about the boy’s actions and definite concern for poisoning, especially when he and Huxley find the hold has been broken into, and a rare poison is missing from the cargo.

Silaka and Aoust hear about a downed ship in the Nyr Dyv after mentioning to Old Pete the name “Maiden.” Rumors are that ill-tempered gods were involved. Silaka also finds Huxley sprawled out on deck with a good bump on his head. Later she finds him on the quarterdeck with Fenn’s glass eye in his coat pocket. But he seems pretty surprised to find it there himself.

Just before dawn a cry breaks out from the crew on deck. A ship is spotted in the fog, listing low in the water… its rigging is torn and no sails hang from its mast.



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