Our Intrepid Adventurers

To Sail!

The journey West.

Arriving at Radigast City the PCs find their ship the Anna Marie, however it appears that the destination of this ship has suddenly changed and they are instead directed to the Salty Wench, to meet with a Captain Fenn. They are hired on by the captain, as bodyguards. The crew has apparently been edgy about his bringing of his lover on board the ship. The PCs are expected to keep watch over his cabin, but they will make port in Walthain in just over a week. The party accepts his terms and are hired onto the Albers.

The trip is pleasant enough for the first two days. The party establishes a rotating watch and they impress the crew (especially Silaka) with helping out where they can. They are on generally good terms with everyone, including the first mate Huxley, Old Pete the man in the crow’s nest, and Ox, a burly and simple sailor. They are asked to a game of cards, which Aoust accepts, and that night Aoust discovers that Ox plays dirty. Even so, Aoust comes up on top.

The next day has the crew rather upset with sighting of a dragon turtle. It seems a way off though and uninterested with the ship. Still they are uneasy. To make matters worse, rumor quickly spreads of an eclipse which is a very bad omen for ships at sea. Huxley seeks to relieve some of the tension with a good natured boxing round, which Silaka, being the physically toughest of the three, participates in. She is to fight the very large and very strong Ox. The excitement and amusement is heightened and bets are placed. Then Ox, after landing a few good blows, is knocked flat on his arse with a single roundhouse punch from Silaka. There is a lot of shock, and then laughter and cheers and jeers as money changes hands. “One-Punch Sally” is her new name. Huxley breaks open a barrel of ale and the night ends jovially.

It doesn’t last for long.

In the morning the crew is awakened by Selene’s scream. She’s locked herself in the captain’s cabin, and Deux tries to get her to open up while Aoust picks at the lock. Huxley is woken and takes control of the situation. Deux takes Selene aside to question her. The cap’n said he’d be working late and asked Dert to bring him dinner. (Which Aoust confirms, having been on evening watch.) Selene fell asleep without having eaten her portion. She did seem to thing that the captain was disturbed by something… and possibly was afraid for the safety of the crew.

In short order the captain is buried at sea, and Huxley is effectively the new captain of the Albers.

Aoust, Deux, and Silaka begin questioning the crew.



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