Our Intrepid Adventurers

Ambush on the River

Att the bend

Before the group can leave foul Crocport behind they accidentally corner the dretch in an alley. The fight is unnerving but over quickly. In Redoubt Gunnar is restored to health, removing the energy drain of the wight. Several magic items are identified and many items are sold for hard currency. They even have a magical Murylind’s Spoon crafted for them, so that they don’t have to spend so much money on expensive trail rations when food is tightly rationed by the government.

In Worlend they learn that someone is seeking them out. They pay to travel on a barge headed south on the Att River, but something is suspect about the woman at the oars. Three days out on the river she blows a whistle at sunset, and the boat is ambushed. Directing the attack is the mage woman in black that has been dogging them for some time now, trying to steal the magic items the group has been hired to retrieve. There are crossbowmen set up on the shores trying to pick them off, the crew turns on them and the wizard woman has a cleric of Iuz on her side this time. The fight ends when Silaka scores a critical hit on the woman, putting an arrow through her throat and ending her pursuit before she can disappear again.

The bodies are checked over for valuables and magic and the barge is taken to the city of Free Borough with the last surviving crew member held prisoner.



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