Adventures in Furyondy and beyond.

Silaka Lunarlight, a sensible half-elven ranger.

Deux, a mysterious human sorceress out for kobold blood. Chaotic charismatic leader of the group.

Gunnar, a dwarven fighter. Able to disarm traps with his skull.

Vandia, an elven cleric of Pelor, and hire-on of the party.

Aoust (deceased), the frail, but dexterous human rogue. Pummeled to death by undead sailor. His value for disabling very dangerous traps is sorely missed.

Wren (deceased), an adventuring half-orc cleric of Farlanghn. Mauled by a bear.

Four) (deceased), Orphaned half elven monk. Speared through the ribs by two elite kobold warriors.

They’re not dead yet (at least not all of them), though they have traveled around Furyondy, across the Nyr Dyv and to Tristor, and (nearly) back again. With three fatalities and no resurrections, Silaka is now the only surviving member of the original group, though she has formed an alliance with the sorceress Deux.

They braved their way through kobold caves to find out why livestock was disappearing. Wandered west to Veluna in search of a Druid to halt a blight. They sailed across the Nyr Dyv to visit an ill relative and in the process became entangled in local trouble in Tristor. And now they’re back in Furyondy having enmeshed themselves in a job that has fewer and fewer clear paths or answers.

Now the stories are starting to cross and seemingly unrelated events may begin to shed light on a greater plot.

Our Intrepid Adventurers

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